How running gave me a new mind set

Since I can remember I have always doubted myself and worried about what others see and think about me. I won’t get into the gory details of my life just yet I’m sure that’ll come but I have tried countless times to ‘Diet’ and ‘exercise’ and I’ve never been able to stick to it and I realise now I just wasn’t ready. I’m not entirely sure what has sparked a change in me now but it’s like I woke up one day and realised I need to change and stick to it. I ordered all my new running gear and in the back of my mind I was excited but wary as I know that I am impulsive. This wasn’t the first time I’ve spent a lot of money on something I never use. But I’ve started using my fit bit again, properly and when my new gear came I couldn’t wait to get started! As soon as I put it on I new that now was the time.

The gym gear – extremely tight running pants

Baring in mind I’ve been self conscious of my body since a young teen I put them on and I went outside and started my run… two months ago I would’ve NEVER

1. Wore such tight gym clothes.

2. Ran outside in public.

I used to have anxiety about going to the gym.

It’s been two weeks now and I’m still going and honestly I’ve never felt better. My mood is boosted, I feel happy, accomplished, confident and it’s changed the way I look at food.

I’m starting to not care what people think! So what if someone doesn’t like me? I am 21 and I am finally ready to live MY life.

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