Poppy: Dogs are the best

poppy 5

As soon as I stepped on the farm and saw these bundles of fur running down the hill I knew I had to take one home. There were only two girls left and they were basically identical except poppy had some food stuck on her head and that’s how I knew she was mine. My mum had rosie.

poppy and rosie

She was tiny and she was an impulsive decision but the best I’ve ever made. (Probably most expensive too)

She was so car sick on the way home and my dad was not happy when I announced I had a puppy… I took her home and I had no idea what to expect for the next year.


She is a borador (border collie cross with a Labrador) she’s only just turned 1 but our bond is already so strong and we’ve been through so much here’s some of the things I’ve experienced

poppy 3.jpg


Everything has been chewed these include every single pair of shoes I ever owned, my hair straighteners, kitchen table, the coal off the fire, every teddy in the house and every toy (dog and human) my hairbrush, my clothes, my dads slippers, bags, leads and of course countless bones.

pop bone.jpg


So many emotions and scares… the worst being when poppy and her sister Rosie were playing and Rosie’s teeth got stuck in Poppy’s collar and she was being choked. I was so scared I was going to lose her as at the time we had no idea what was going on thankfully we realised in time and she was fine and recovered.


Other scares include making sure they don’t eat anything they’re not aloud (which is a lot) including the coals from the fire that I found out contain dangerous material, chocking on anything small, getting loose out of the house – which also happened a lot, one time her and Rosie both got out and they were running loose and chasing sheep for two hours before we got hold of them! (No sheep were harmed)

poppy 6.jpg


Another thing I am so wary of now is other dogs, I never let her off the lead while were in public and you’re not even allowed to in most places (if your dog is older and you can say your dog is 100% trained and never ever leaves your side then yes that is fine off lead in a wide space where they can run) and one day I hope to do the same with Pop, luckily most owners I have come across are very responsible. Unfortunately we went for a day out to a place which stated is dog friendly as long as they are on their leads but she got cornered and bitten by the owners dogs, I was mad and upset as she had to have surgery and the wound was so big and she was so scared and the after experience has been much worse, she’s anxious around other dogs now and I think she even still has some discomfort in the wound area but she’s getting there.

poppy 8.jpg


The bond:

Honestly the connection we have now took a while; it takes a lot of training and communication. Present day she is attached to my hip now and never leaves me. Her re call is good (unless she’s digging) training is fun for me and her. Dogs love to be rewarded for good work.


Digging is her favourite hobby she can do it for hours, she loves the beach, baths, cheese burgers, cuddles, long walks, road trips, belly rubs, chasing cats, eating anything other than her dog food and oh tennis balls.



She dislikes having her photo taken, being left alone and cats.

poppy 7

Let me know what dog you have and what their favourite things to do are!

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