My favourite body shop products

The body shop is one of my favourite stores on earth, It’s vegetarian with a lot of vegan products. It’s animal cruelty free and is constantly campaigning for the rights of animals.

They work with a lot of charities and give back to the community’s and enviroment. They’re also super fun and the body mists are everything!

Drops of light liquid peel

liquid peel.jpg

These peels come in three options, drops of light, vitamin C and drops of youth. I choose drops of glow range because I need some glowing skin in my life! The vitamin C range will also give you a glowing boost but I have very sensitive skin and something in the vitamin C products don’t agree with my face, and the drops of youth helps prevent the signs of ageing.

peel 2peel 3

So… what is this?

When I first tried this I thought it was super weird and didn’t think it would work the same way as an exfoliator would, It comes out as a gel but when you start to rub it into your skin it traps all of your impurities, dead skin cells and pollutants in the skin and peels them right off. (literally) It’s really gross to see all of your dead skin but it’s extremly satisfying at the same time because you can literally see the dirt coming from your face. I noticed my skin looking brighter just from the first use and I now use this 1-2 times a week.

The glow range doesn’t really have a scent, but you feel refreshed. The vitamin C range is very orange.

*side note* If you go to the body shop and want to try anything they will give you a sample of what you like which I think is also great.

Vitamin E gel moisture cream 

vitamin e cream.jpg vitamin e cream 1.jpg

This product is fairly new and I was hesitant to try as I’ve used the vitamin E cream cleanser and came out in a rash (I’m fine with the night cream and toner, strange I know) but I tried this in store and it smelt so nice! There’s a new ingredient (raspberries) making it great for the summer. It’s for normal/combination skin but I find it really hydrating so I use this all the time now, before makeup, morning and evening. It glides on and absorbs quickly.

Brow and liner kit 

cnfaopc.jpgeyebrow brush.jpg

I think you can tell by the picture how much I use this… I will start with the one thing I don’t like about this product which is the brush, I find it really fiddly and the curve design isn’t great. The eyeliner brush is to small and flimsy to actually use as an applicator and the other side the bristles are too hard (this isn’t about all the body shop brushes on a whole I can’t RAVE enough about the body shop brushes) instead of using the brush included I use the double ended eyeshadow brush *The body shop brushes are 100% vegan and super high quality they apply amazingly* I use the darker brunette shades, and I do use the darker shade as an eyeliner when I want a more natural thicker looking eyelash line. I would reccomend this product if you’re a brow fan. 9/10

Matte clay foundation


I’ll be honest I always used to use fresh nude (still do now and then) but when I first used this I hated it. I thought it was drying way to quickly, it took me ages to find a good shadeand I wasn’t feeling the hype. But after some research I decided to try it again but applying it with a beauty blender instead of my foundation brush and the difference amazed me, It’s my go to foundation now which makes me really happy because I’ve spent a fortune on foundations in the past.

pros – It’s super high coverage, contains tea tree so it’s great for acne and blemished skin. Really easy to blend and its buildable, stays put all day.

Cons – No SPF (fresh nude foundation contains SPF 15) but not the biggest hassle as I just apply some SPF cream before my foundation. It’s very drying so I would reccomend applying some oil, 100% priming your skin and using a beauty blender instead of a brush.

Matte lip liquids 

lipsticks.jpg lipstick swabs.jpg

These are only £7 and I got them in the sale for like £4 so super good value for money.

These are amazing dupes for big branded ones, they really do go on like silk and dry really fast, I normally only have to touch up once in the day and that’s with eating and drinking they last so long.

I really like the design and the lip applicator and I can’t think of any cons.

There is a great shade range to chose from as well.

Fuji green tea hair scrub

fuhi green tea.jpg

This was the first hair scrub I’d ever used and now I won’t go without, as soon as you open the tub you feel like you’ve been transported to a spa, yiu only need a little amount about a teaspoon and you think that surely won’t go all through my hair?! Well it does, you massage it into your scalp and it starts to foam and bubble and the scent is just gorgeous. My hair is past my shoulders and it covers it all, I follow with the fuji green tea conditionor. My hair afterwards is tangle free, shiny, soft and smooth.

I would reccomend using this 1-2 times a week as it’s more purifying for the scalp than a shampoo.

The new 100% vegan body yogurts 

body shop  yogurt.jpg

Wow wow wow everyone needs one of these for the summer! I have the strawberry body yogurt and it is a replicate of a yogurt (but don’t eat it!!!) It’s lightweight and actually does absorb within 15 seconds. It can be applied to damp skin so there’s no waiting around after your shower/bath. I’m looking forward to buying some more flavours!

If you haven’t already please sign the petition to end animal testing globally!



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