Too faced beauty review

Born this way medium to full coverage foundation

too faced foundation.jpg

This foundation is one of my favourites, it’s got a really good coverage and it feels lightweight, it’s super easy to apply and blends nicely, gives a dewy finish. The shade I use is Nude. I think that the designs and packaging of too faced cosmetics are all beautiful and that includes the foundation bottle, the design sits beautifully on your dressing table and is a great size to fit in your makeup bag. It’s simple but very effective.

I would recommend this product and would rate 9/10 simply because I prefer a matte finish.


Too faced born this way concealer

too faced concealer

This was my first ‘proper’ concealer. I’ve never been a big makeup junkie and when I bought this I’d been religiously watching youtube videos and everyone was using concealers and seeing as I already had and loved the foundation I got the concealer to.

At the time I was a newbie to makeup so I didn’t know about the great benefit of using a few shades lighter concealer. This is now my second choice of concealer just as I use a lighter shade now. The shade I have is light nude. Great concealer, does the job whether you apply it before or after foundation, blends evenly, dries nicely and doesn’t crease even if you forget to powder!

Rate 8/10


Primed and Poreless powder

too faced powder.jpg

My favourite setting powder. I use this before my foundation and it smoothes my skin and blurs out my pores, I also use it straight after my foundation and concealer to set it all in place and honestly it keeps my foundation on all day. It has a light/sweet scent and the powder is very fine. Good value for money as a little bit goes a long way, It will last so long even if you use it everyday

Rate 10/10


Better than sex mascara

too faced mascara.jpg

Woah, The best mascara I have ever used.

Honestly, I love falsh lashes because length and volume but this actually extends your lashes longer than other mascaras I’ve used before, I sometimes wear super natural lashes and apply this over the top and it looks like your real lashes, no clumping or fall out. It has a thick applicator so sometimes it can get messy but it really does extend your lashes. Packaging is nice, quiet heavy.

Rate 8/10


Hangover 3 in 1 spray

too faced spray.jpg

Prime, set and refresh.

Silicone free, alcohol free and oil free.

The best smelling face spray in the world, It’s infused with coconut water so It’s really refreshing and can be used multiple times in the day (summer fave)

Keeps your face in place all day and smells like heaven! I use this all the time and it really keeps your skin hydrated so perfect if you suffer with any dry patches.

Would recommend and rate 10/10


Hangover primer

*no pic as I’ve just finished mine and waiting to order another one*

Smells just like the 3 in 1 spray, feels soft and absorbs into your skin quickly. Leaves your skin feeling plump and hydrated.

Rate 9/10


Extras –

Too faced Cocoa contour kit

too faced contour.jpg

My first expereicne with contouring and its really easy to use, comes with a cute demo/guide so it really is perfect for beginners. The powders are really easy to blend and it smells like chocolate… literally it makes you hungry. Comes with a little contour brush and is a really good price for £45


Really looking forward to trying the chocolate bar and peach range in the eyeshadow palettes and I will let you know what I think about them!

Let me know in the comments if you like too faced or what some of your favourite makeup products are!

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