My favourite lush products ~ May

Firstly lush is the best smelling shop in the universe. You walk in and your blown away by the amazing smells and the stores are so fun and cute, you can try and tests most of the products and all the staff (in every store I’ve been) are lovely! The online experience is just as good. The site is extremely easy to use and I’ve never had an issue with it. All the products have a detailed explanation with them and they package your products very neat as well. You can add little gift tags and it tells you who’s packed your order for you.

Next let’s talk about the ethics of the shop. Animal cruelty free (hugely important to me) vegan 🌱 and environmentally friendly. They have an amazing recycling scheme set in place where you can get a free face mask if you take your empty plastic pots back into store (I mean why would you not do that? Free face mask and helping the planet.) all the products are natural/organic and plant based. Lush is an overall perfect shop, it’s got your skin care needs, bath time treats, cute gift sets, makeup and scents for everyone ( yes some things are expensive but when you look at the quality, the ingredients and what it stands for you can understand why)

Some of my fav products at the moment

Cupcake mask

Firstly if you like chocolate in any way just the smell of this mask will make you happy. Not only does it smell delicious it completely clears your skin. I sometimes get allergy breakouts and my skin can become quite irritated and as soon as I layer this mask on it instantly soothes my skin, I leave it on from 10-15 minutes and normally when I use other masks when I remove it my skin becomes very red because I have sensitive skin but with this mask my skin is completely clear with no redness, any reactions I have calm down and aren’t sore anymore. It honestly feels like I have a whole new skin. Would 100% recommend this mask!


Skin drink moisturiser

I’ve been using this for a Week now and I noticed the difference from the first use. I’m not sure how I would describe the smell but it’s gentle, you only need a little bit as it goes a long way. It completely absorbs into your skin so it’s great for day time as well as night. Instantly my skin feels smoother, plump and actually looks clearer to.


Rosy cheeks face mask

This face mask is great for redness and rosacea, it’s a pale pink and smells nice. It doesn’t dry as hard as the cupcake mask it stays like a lotion as it’s really gentle so you can leave it on for 20 minutes or longer if you wanted to


As soon as you open your face masks and apply it to your face. Once you’re done pop them in the fridge to keep them fresh as they do contain fresh ingredients and all have dates on the tub!

My featured image is the ylang song bombshell bath bomb

Who else likes lush? Let me know in the comments! 💖💖

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