My first glamglow product

So I saw this on influenster and was sooo excited I bought it straight away, sadly on my behalf like a few days later they brought out the my little pony ones and I was very upset as who doesn’t love my little pony, the tub was cuter and the brush was pink and it also had other colours! But it is the same mask inside so I don’t really mind but I won’t buy another glitter one until this one runs out. I would love the pink glitter one but they cost £42 each and I have a lot of face masks.

This is the same mask as the ‘gravity mud’ mask but I can’t say anything about that mask as I’ve never tried it. I literally bought this for the glitter – luckily for me the mask is actually amazing too!

The review!!

Glamglow has won a lot of awards and has become globally recognized for fast-acting, innovative mud treatments that deliver instant, visible results.

This mask is formulated without parabens and sulfates

It smells gorgeous, on the site it says liquorice and marshmallow. Im not a fan of liquorice so I was surprised.


Stir before use if required

Apply a generous even layer to clean skin with brush, avoiding eyebrows and hairline

Leave on for 20-30 minutes

Once completely dry gently peel off from the edges

Rinse off excess mask and use twice weekly for best results

Clean brush after use with soap and water and air dry

My opinion

I really like this mask, firstly I like the packaging as it’s strong and sturdy and is very simple. Everything you need to know is on the tub! This is a peel mask and it takes 40-1hr to dry *depends how much you apply* I would recommend catching up on a tv show while doing this mask. Once its completely dry it peels straight off (avoid getting any on your hairline ouch is all I can say.) Remove any traces with a hot cloth or some toner. Afterwards my skin felt soooo smooth and so much firmer. It feels like a face lift (I imagine, I wouldn’t actually know) my skin looks a lot clearer and I can feel the effects lasting up to 5 days after!

I would recommend and I would rate 8/10

Marks down just on price but the glitter is fun and it actually does firm your face!


First selfie is wet mask. Second is Dry. 

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