June Look fantastic beauty box

This is my second beauty box from look fantastic, I used to be with glossybox but I found I wasnt using any of the products and there standards with products and delivery were starting to slip so I thought I’d try a new one. So far I have been impressed.


Madara SOS hydra mask – organic skincare

‘Hydrate and rejuvenate your skin with this moisturising organic mask from Madara. This vegan friendly formula has a divine soft and powdery scent which is sure to leave your skin looking smooth, toned and youthful. Pamper and quench your skins’ thirst with this mini treat!’

This is only a sample size but I’m not really surprised as the full size (60ml is £33) obviously that is price-y but when you look at the ingredients and the benefits of the products they sell you can understand why. I really liked it but I don’t think I’d buy it again at that price personally. The charcoal mud mask is taking my fancy which is £24.95 and I might actually try that once I’ve scooped my way through my current face masks.

This mask can be either be left on for 15 minutes and then removed with a cloth or some cotton pads or you can just leave it on and go to sleep, It won’t do any harm. In my case after I applied it my face got kind of hot and tight so I decided to remove it with toner. *note* I have extremely sensitive skin so I haven’t quite worked out which ingredient upsets me. So unfortunately this product isn’t for me. It also says it’s suitable for all skin types which obviously I have to disagree with. One thing I can say is that my skin did feel hydrated and the scent is quite gentle, oh and the cream is a light baby pink colour. *side note* my mum has used this twice and has had no reaction.

I wouldn’t recommend if you have sensitive skin

Rate 5/10


Elemis superfood facial wash

‘A smoothie of superfoods including wheatgrass, kale and nettle, this face wash lifts away dirt and impurities while feeding skin with essential nutrients to help restore a fresh, healthy glow. Leaves you with a fresh and revived complexion with improved luminosity.’

I used this first thing in the morning and it’s so refreshing, it’s a green gel and it’s very warming when you are applying it. The scents are really strong which is what awakens you and my skin felt really clean afterwards. To be honest it doesn’t really compare to the current cleansers I already have like the Liz earle *you can see my review here –  https://karynsblog.com/2018/06/02/first-impressions-of-liz-earle/ * but once you find a product you adore it takes a lot to knock it off your shelf.

Rate 8/10


Rituals body cream

‘Combining the gentle fragrance of white lotus with Yi Yi Ren, an ingredient traditionally used in Chinese medicine, this rich and creamy moisturiser nourishes your skin and leaves silky soft to touch.’

The best thing about this cream is the scent, its white lotus and yi yi ren. It kind of reminds me of sun-cream. It literally absorbed into my skin in less than 1 minute which is amazing to be honest. Leaves your skin feeling really soft and I would buy again and I will check the rest of the range out. The only thing I dislike is the packaging but that’s because I don’t like green.

Rate 9/10


Christophe Robin cleansing volumising paste with pure rassoul clay and rose extracts

Paraben, silicone, SLES, oxidant free

 Deeply cleanses and nourishes your hair, leaving it revitalised and full of bounce! This amazing treatment works to absorb dirt, oil and impurities, lifting your hair and giving enhanced strength and thickness.’

How to use:

Use a tablespoon size of this product, rub into your palms and work into your scalp, emulsify and then rinse. You can also apply the product onto the body of your hair to condition and lift.

The brown colour could be off putting but it smells absolutely gorgeous, It’s a thick paste and when you start massaging it, it starts to foam really nicely making more gorgeous smells release. Feels really gentle on scalp and I used it in my ends, washed out easily and after I blow-dried It felt so good *and smelt good* my hair felt full of volume and I would recommend this product!

Rate 9.5/10


Studio 10 liquid foil radiance

‘A crease resistant eye shadow is hard to find, especially one that hydrates and blends seamlessly on your lid so you’ll ‘foil’ in love with this long lasting, silky mousse, metallic eye shadow. This amazing shadow can also be layered for extra pop and radiance that gives you the perfect party eyes!

At first glance I thought this was a lipstick, I was sceptical about using it as en eyeshadow but it gives you handy tips. I will say its great for parties and it really makes your eyes pop. It’s easy to apply and as a glitter its really good, I quite like that it’s liquid because it dries fast and stays. I wasn’t covered in glitter afterwards

Rate 8.5/10


Vita liberata fabulous self tanning tinted lotion

‘This lightweight formula doubles up as a daily body moisturiser that delivers a subtle colour, which slowly intensifies giving you a gorgeous tan. Plus, with odour remove technology, there’ll be no post tan smell, leaving you ready to glow! With certified organic and natural extracts, you’ll have deeply conditioned and radiant skin, that’s filly prepped for summer!

How to use:

Apply to cleansed, exfoliated skin using a tan mitt in circular movements to blend. For best results do not moisturise or use shower gel prior to application.

I don’t often tan as I always end up streaking/ or badly applying it if I ever do tan I would get help or go to a salon! I’m very clumsy. If I were to use a self tanning product myself this would now be on my list, It’s a white lotion that gradually darkens over a certain amount of time. I applied it at night before going to bed and woke up noticing a big difference as I am very pale, It looks really natural, no streaking. I do actually think it has that ‘fake tan’ smell even though it says it doesn’t but I’ve used tans in the past that make me smell like potatoes so compared to them it’s not that bad. I would buy this again and would recommend if you’re like me and not a big tanner but want a subtle natural glow.

Rate 8.5/10


 Lastly this little sample of real chemistry day cream came in and all I can say is its really nice, smells gentle and leaves skin soft. I won’t be in a rush to buy it as I have a lot of creams but I might one day in the future.

real chem.jpg

Overall I’d rate this box a 7/10. 


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