Giant barry M nail polish reviews

I love barry M. I’ve been buying from this range since I was I was a teen. I do also like OPI and ciate but today its about barry M.

In this post I’ve tried to add in one or two polish from each nail polish range, I used to have a lot more colours but typical me I have lost a few!


Under the sea nail paint

Shades pinktail and jellyfish

This is the latest nail range from barry M and there are four duochrome shades to choose from.

barry sea.jpg

Really pretty, magical and fun, Great for festivals and summer, it’s very sheer so I would recommend at least two coats. The pink shade has a slight hint of orange and the purple looks like it’s mixed in with blue, really easy to wear as the colours go with pretty much everything. Lasts really well and doesn’t chip easily. The lid has a sea world feel and adds to the whole design.

Rate 9/10

 Candy culture nail paint

Shades coconut cream and raspberry sherbet

Available in four fruity scents – raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and coconut.

Lovely pastel colours that I love, I’ve always loved the bottles from barry M and the design on the lid is fabulous and fun. Applies easy, dries smooth. Its supposed to smell like the name but to be honest I’m not feeling that aspect, when you apply it it smells like polish and when its dry – it’s not much different to normal polish, I think I can smell a hint from each but then again I don’t know if im going crazy from smelling the polish to much! I would still recommend on the colours alone.

Rate 8/10

 Glitter nail paint

Shades – unsure – pink glitter and a sparkly confetti paint

barry glitter.jpg

The pink glitter is the only barry m glitter I own and Its amazing, It’s pigmented and is really strong, it never chips. Obviously the down side is that its extremely hard to remove, I would soak it off and then wipe it.

Rate 8/10

The confetti polish is better applied over a colour, great for parties and Christmas time. Really cute stars and glitter.

Rate 7/10

Would recommend both if you like glitter or are after a confetti polish that stays.

Silk nail paint

shade – meadow 416

This is the only shade I own in this range and It’s really nice, it’s pastel and very silky. Dries evenly and smooth, much like the other polishes from barry m it lasts really well. This colour goes with everything but I’m pretty sure they have newer ones since I bought this.

Rate 8/10

 Original nail paint

Shade – mint green 304

 The first and original nail varnish I used from barry M, which made me fall in love with the polish from this brand so obviously I rate it highly – There’s more shades available in the nail paints and they dry quick, apply two coats and it stays on for a good few days.

Rate 9/10

 Matte nail paint

Shade – Crush 349

 I bought this when matte nails were a big thing and loved it at the time, I still occasionally use it as I love the shade, deep reds, purples and nudes are some of my favourite colours when it comes to nails and lips. Much like the others it dries fast, and actually you could go with only one coat but the second coat creates a deeper colour. The matte feel is really nice and different to a glossy shine.

Rate 9/10

Gelly Hi-Shine nail paint

Shade – cocoa 429

 I love the gelly ranges, they are really plump and the colours are really beautiful, they leave a lasting shine and feel smooth. I love this chocolate shade as well but like the normal nail paint there are a lot of colours to choose from. I would recommend this one over the basic nail paint as it’s a lot more thicker as you can probably tell from the photo.

Rate 9.5/10

 barry m hand.jpg

Sunset Gel nail paint and daylight curing top coat

Shade – do it like a nude and sunset top coat

barry m before.jpg barry m after.jpg

 Oh my, this range in my opinion tops all the other ranges, the polish is beautiful and the top coat actually leaves it feeling like gel nails, they haven’t chipped or peeled and they feel really strong so I’m extremely happy. The only downsides are that this nude is very very light where as I am used to a more creamy nude but it is a nice colour so I will be re-using it and the other thing is there aren’t that many other shades to choose from which is unfortunate because you can only use the top coat with this range of polish so on that basis it gets a mark down but I would recommend fully and I will be buying the other shades.

Rate 9/10















barry glitter.jpgbarry m hand.jpg

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