My everyday makeup look

One day I might do this as a video once I get my vlogs going! I’m having trouble finding a good video editor so if anyone knows a good one and wouldn’t mind telling me I would be very grateful

I don’t do my makeup every day any more as I have so much going on most days but when I don’t have time I like to use the all in one bb cream in shade 02 from the body shop. I’m in love with that bb cream but I’ll save that for another day.

Step 1    

First I prime my skin with the unicon farsali essence lotion *review here,  * I think it’s really important to prime your skin because it helps even your complexion, glides your foundation on and helps it stay on all day!

Step 2

Foundation, today I used the too faced born this way foundation *review here, *

One of my favourite foundations, It’s very lightweight so it’s great for summer but gives me enough coverage to. I apply this foundation with my fresh foundation brush from the body shop which is vegan and is my favourite foundation brush ever as the bristles are really soft and I just prefer the design much more than the usual flat foundation brush.

Step 3

Concealer – my most used is tarte shape tape. I use this every time I do my makeup to be honest, I love the way it feels, blends out and the coverage. I love the design and the applicator is really great. So I apply this under my eyes and blend it onto my eyelids and I also apply a line down my nose and I will put it on any blemishes/spots I want to cover. I apply this with the body shop complexion blender. I sometimes set my concealer with the too faced loose setting powder, sometimes I forget.

Step 4

Bronzer! I personally, most days don’t have time to do the full face contour and it’s so hot at the moment I don’t really see much point. I will do it if I’m going somewhere specific or going out. So I use the body shop bronzing powder along with the body shop face and body brush, which is great for sweeping any powders onto your face/body as it’s great at blending out. I start at the top of the ear and I do an attractive duck face and follow my cheek bone line down to the bottom, I then just blend it out and round, I do the same on the other side and also apply it to the top of my head to my temples just to add some definition. With the same bronzer I take the body shop multi tasker eye brush and apply a tiny bit on my eyelids and blend.

Step 5

Eyebrows! I know a lot of people do there brows first but I’ve got into a routine where I do them last. I used to do them first and conceal round but over time I changed it naturally. So today I used the body shop brow and liner kit with the other side of my multi tasker eye brush (the pointy side) I start by outlining my natural brow shape and I colour in from the end with the powder. Sometimes if I am feeling fancy I will do a natural line of liner with the darker powder just to open my eyes up, which I’m used to now as I used to wear liquid liner every day!

Step 6

I finish off with blusher and highlight, sometimes I leave the highlight. The blusher I use is from the body shop *catching on to the theme here* the all in one cheek colour. Just to add a natural glow and to even out my bronzer from concealer. I finish with a makeup setting spray and a coat of too faced ‘better than sex’ mascara and I am on my way.

let me know if you liked this kind of post and I will definitly post more makeup looks!

Sorry for the lack of pictures

Photo 09-07-2018, 18 59 05.jpg


  1. Thank you for introducing me to Farsali, I wouldn’t have tried it without your review/recommendation I love the unicorn essence too but now i’ve read about the Rose Gold I will try that one next time.

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