My evening routine using just the body shop

Aloe cleanser

I use this cleanser a lot as it’s for sensitive skin, really creamy and feels really nice to take your makeup off with. I cleanse twice and either remove it with toner or a hot cloth. If you have sensitive skin I would recommend this range from the body shop as it’s all really well priced and lasts a long time.

British rose toner

I do also have the aloe toner but I just love and prefer this toner as it has real rose petals from England in it. Smells gorgeous, feels amazing and like the rose expert mask also from the body shop leaves your skin feeling plump. This is more expensive than the other range of toners but at £9 its still amazing quality for price.

2 times a week I use a body shop mask and I actually have them all but my favourites are the Himalayan charcoal and the Chinese and ginseng mask

Drops of youth liquid peel

Love this product I also use the drops of light these two are the best ones for sensitive skin the vitamin c peel doesn’t agree with my skin. You apply two pumps to your fingers and rub in and it instantly removes all your dead skin cells, it’s gross and satisfying seeing what comes off.

Twice a week on the days I’m not masking I use a liquid peel like tonight

Oils of life essence lotion

I like to use the essence lotion to give that extra hydration to my skin and the idea is it helps your oils and moisturiser sink into your skin more. Oils of life range smells amazing and is one of the luxury ranges from the body shop

Drops of youth serum

Really nice, no particular scent but is more of a jelly than a liquid. Feels really nice and cool when applying it.

Oils of life moisturiser

Sooo rich and dreamy. Really hydrating, they also do a sleeping cream. Smells amazing like the rest of the range, actually feels like you’re having a facial in a spa.


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