My review after using elemis pro collagen skincare products

Elemis pro collagen bundle review

Purchased from QVC UK for £64.95

Main benefits – moisturise, nourishing and hydrating.

Elemis pro collagen cleansing balm £41

What is it?

A powerful and deep cleansing balm that dissolves makeup, daily grime and pollutants from the skin.  Cleanses the skin and renews for a glowing complexion, also comes with a cotton cloth.

How to use…

Warm into palms and massage over face and neck, remove with a warm, damp cloth.

What I thought…

I LOVED this, probably my favourite from the collection I purchased, even if you think I don’t have any winkles it doesn’t only target ageing but the hydration and the purifying deep clean is unreal and it’s also recommended you should add anti ageing into your routine once you turn 21. I’ve only tried one other balm which I half like but I don’t really use it, where as I’ve used this everyday for two weeks and my skin has never felt so good for so long. I actually look forward to using it in the morning as it smells so good and every time I swear another black head leaves my nose. I know I will be buying it again when I run out which won’t be any time soon as it lasts a really long time – you only need a little bit.

Would 100% recommend and rate 10/10

Pro collagen marine oil –  £65

What is it?

A replenishing facial oil for all skin types formulated with a trio of seaweeds

How to use…

Massage 3-4 drops over the face and neck every morning and night, before your serum and moisturiser.

What I thought…

Look at the bottle!! Gorgeous, and the scent inside is exactly the same so it’s beautiful inside and out, the texture is completely different to other oils and its warming as you apply it on your skin, while its warming its releasing its beautiful scent – I like to give myself a mini face massage when using this oil because that’s how it feels, as if you’re in a spa having a professional facial. It’s oily but absorbs nicely into the skin, good for all skin types like the rest of the range. Would recommend and I rate 8/10

Pro collagen advanced eye treatment £43

What is it?

Targets fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area, helps smooth and firm for more youthful skin.

How to use…

Dispense 2 drops onto ring fingers and gently pat around eye contour, use morning and evening.

What I thought…

I can’t really say if it’s drastically reduced my wrinkles as I don’t really have any noticeable ones around my eyes (yet!) but if I can prevent them coming that would be great, but I do like that its suitable for sensitive skin as well as I’ve had a previous bad experience with an eye cream where even when I’d removed it my eyes were stinging for two days!! But this is very gentle and there are no perfumes in it to irritate your eyes so I would recommend if you can’t find an eye cream suitable for your eyes!! Rate 7/10

Pro collagen marine cream £82

What is it?

Clinically proven, anti-ageing ingredients of award winning pro collagen marine cream has been shown to reduce the depth of wrinkles, improve skin firmness and hydration in 14 days.

How to use…

Apply a pea sized amount onto your hands and warm together, gently smooth over the face and neck.

What I think…

Like the balm, this is really hydrating so I would re purchase this and the balm especially. The cream is more like a gel its actually very light so you wouldn’t think it would be as nourishing as it is, but it really is so I completely agree with that statement from elemis. Like I’ve said above I can’t comment on the wrinkles too much. I would buy this and the balm again just because of how clear and soft my skin feels.

Rate 9.5/10


Have you used any of these? Or can you recommend what I should try next… Comment!

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