Affordable makeup brushes

Enzoken makeup brushes 

Seller on instagram – @enzoken_maggie

Available to buy on ebay, amazon and aliexpress

Enzoken reached out and offered to paypal me the money for the brushes in exchange for a review on aliexpress. Com. Firstly thank you very much I’ve really enjoyed testing these makeup brushes and loved reviewing them, @enzokenmaggie is a lovely girl who was in contact the whole time while it was being shipped, and her instagram is full of beauty tips as well.

Like I said above I ordered them on the website and I’d never heard of this site before but they actually ship worldwide with shipping fees that aren’t extremely expensive. They track the whole order and send you all the emails you need and even check that you have received the item I really like the website and there is so much on it to.

I would actually compare these makeup brushes to the unicorn cosmetics original unicorn brush set in the diamond purse as it’s also a set of 10 and they feel very similar in hair, I paid £45 for them and these cost under £10 and $10

Sparkle makeup brushes

glitter.jpg glitter2.jpg

The case is a nice shade of pink that compliment the brushes, it’s also really handy to have the case and it’s a good shape to store along with all your makeup and tools. The brush handles are purple, pink and blue confetti and glitters which really stand out from other brush tools, I think they look fun and cute. The actual brush looks ombre from the first look but once you get them and have a play they actually have a mixture of the purple and pink colours mixed in along with the black hairs. They’re so soft and I’ve had this set for over a month and I haven’t had any fall outs or loose hairs come out and they actually look the same way as to when I received them because they’re easy to clean.

Pink makeup brushes


This is a 9 piece collection and is smaller than the glitter ones so I think they’d be great to take with you on to your travels, in your handbag and on holiday. I really like the purse for this set as it looks like a little clutch bag and is a metallic pink. The brushes are pink and white which go really nice together and the purse also comes with an over flap that covers the brushes for extra protection and the handles feel really sturdy and strong.

Both sets of makeup brushes came with individual wrapping to protect the brushes

I would recommend and rate both sets 9/10


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