Tarte cosmetics BB tinted treatment – 12 hour primer

I’ve been searching for a good B.B cream for a while now as I used to use the all in one from the body shop but found it was always out of stock!!

Wearing a full coverage foundation in the summer with the heat we were having was way too much, unless I was planning on not moving an inch for the whole day I would just be sweating off any makeup I had put on so finding a good cream was a must, now I shop a lot at qvc uk as I like the easy pay options and it’s also a great way for me to get my hands on tarte cosmetics, that’s where I stumbled across the BB tinted treatment and like all qvc products it came with a little demo video from when It was being sold live on tv and it looked amazing, the product I chose also came with a small application / foundation brush. It looked like it had great coverage, applied in just like a moisturising cream and didn’t look flaky or dry. It was also the first BB cream I had found since my search and QVC have a great 30 day returns policy.

I also love tarte cosmetics

Bought for £34.56 on QVC UK

I think that price is amazing as I got the brush included where as on tarte cosmetics just the BB cream is £34. So I paid 56p for a very high quality brush from tarte cosmetics.


Shade – light

What it is

A 5-in-1 longwear, vegan treatment primer that can be used under (or instead of) foundation for smoother, brighter skin.

What it does

Hydrates, helps smooth fine lines, works to correct dullness & enlarged pores, all while providing lightweight coverage. It contains a triple-B complex to help brighten, smooth, & soften your skin.

How to use

Can be worn alone or under foundation for smoother makeup application and enhanced coverage. Dispense a small amount to the back of your hand, then using a foundation brush or your fingertips, lightly dab onto face and gently blend.

My opinion

I honestly think I’ve found my new all time favourite BB cream, it felt like a moisturiser that’s how quick it absorbed into my skin while it was extremely light because it felt like I had nothing on it gave me such good coverage everyone thought I was wearing foundation I could of even fooled myself my skin felt smooth and one of the days I actually had a big cry and rubbed my eyes and it actually stayed on and didn’t go all patchy and un- even like a foundation would, if I were sweating it wouldn’t come off with the sweat and it lasts all day. When I used it under my too faced foundation it felt just like a primer but I had extreme coverage but now I mostly wear it by itself and add the rest of my products as if I’m wearing foundation and nobody can ever tell.

100% recommend

Rate 10/10

before.jpg      after.jpg

before                                              after

Picture is just the BB cream and after a big cry from an anxiety attack!

Hope you liked this post, tried this BB cream? use a current fave? let me know in the comments

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