Mylee bluesky nail kit review


I bought this kit because I love having acrylics/gels but I don’t have the money right now to go to a salon every two weeks, so there for I decided to DIY.

In the kit I got the lamp, top coat, base coat, a polish of your choice, lint free wipes, wooden cuticle sticks, prep and finish polish, gel remover and cuticle oil and I paid £41.49. each polish individual is about £8.50

I was surprised about how easy it was to set up, all I had to do was fit in each bulb and slide the bottom dish in, it came with all the instructions for the lamp, replacing lamps and how to do your nails from start to finish which I wasn’t expecting so I will say its great for beginners into diy gel nails. Also it was very big which is actually great because whenever I’ve been to a salon they’re quiet small and can only fit one hand in, whereas this one can fit both hands in which saves time and can also fit both feet in for your toes so its great I’m really happy at this point.

I chose a nude gel polish because I like a nude nail polish, the bottles looked really professional as what you would see in a salon so that also surprised me in a good way and I was excited to start painting! I started prepping, base coating etc and everything was great oh and the lamp is really easy to use it took me seconds to set it up on an auto timer  with the help of the book so its all good. The colour is really pigmented and isn’t clear for a first application which is nice to see, I still recommend like the book to do a second top coat and it was lovely, I liked the colour and I liked that it was dry instantly if there’s one thing I dislike about normal polish it’s the waiting to dry! I like to paint my nails and go on my way.

The colour lasted about 3 weeks before I got my first chip which I didn’t mind because my nails had grown, anyway In that time I had bought some other colours and I thought I would buy a shellac polish what I’m used to in gel because when I’ve had that in salons it can last up to 4 weeks. This polish sells for £14-£15 which is pricy so I wouldn’t be buying this range all the time as I’m very happy with the bluesky range and to be honest it wasn’t that great anyway, pretty much the same as bluesky. The colour was nice it was shade oxblood but it only lasted two weeks.

So I would recommend the mylee bluesky nail kits / separate and all the polishes as I bought a glitter one which was beautiful.

Rate 10/10

nude nails.jpg        red nails.jpg


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