Lush bath bomb reviews

Turtle jelly bomb

This was my first jelly bomb and I’d only picked it because it was a turtle. It didn’t really have a strong scent like other bath bombs from lush, where as they’re quite floral, sweet or just smell amazing this one is kind of plain smelling and is just completely green. I prefer a bit of glitter and mixed colour. It did feel really nice to soak in as it smoothed all my skin, I was surprised how much jelly actually was in the turtle so it’s actually really good quantity and it did leave my skin feeling really soft. I would buy another jelly bath bomb if I find a nicer smelling one for sure but I wouldn’t say they are any better than an original bath bomb.

Rate 7/10

Think pink bath bomb

I love a pink marshmallow smelling bath so I couldn’t resist this pink glittery bomb. Smelt so good and released lots of fun swirls, to be honest if this had jelly in it I may of liked it even more, but I will just have to buy another jelly one and see! This left my skin feeling good and I smelt gorgeous afterwards. Leaves a good mess in the bath but it’s so worth it!

Rate 8/10

Tried a jelly bomb? Let me know in comments!

Thanks for reading!

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