The body shop banana range reviews

As you might know, I love the body shop and this isn’t my first yogurt or product from here ( check this blog post for my fave body shop products )

I wanted to review this a while ago but I’ve been super busy and I didn’t buy the body butter as I already have a few and didn’t need to add any more to my collection.

Banana shower gel – 100% vegan

Price – £6.00

All the banana products are enriched with banana purée from Ecuador.

I don’t know if anyone has tried the banana shampoo and conditioner but I did and as much as I loved the smell my hair didn’t completely agree with it as it was quite hard to rinse out and made my hair quite greasy. But I was so excited for the body care range and it smells even better than the shampoo, it’s sweet and banana heaven so if you don’t like bananas this one is a miss. The packaging is really cute and fun with bananas all over them, it lasts a really long time as you don’t need a lot of shower gel anyway. I love smelling like a banana.

Rate 8/10

Banana body yogurt – 100% vegan

Price – £8.50

All the body yogurts from the body shop look amazing as everything smells so good from the body shop. It’s in a yogurt pot, it looks like yogurt, feels and smells like yogurt. They absorb into your skin within 15 seconds and can be applied to damp skin which is great, I love how fast it absorbs because you feel soft and smell great but you don’t have to wait around for ages and can get changed straight away, it also doesn’t leave any residue on the skin which is really nice as well.

Rate 9/10

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