Beauty box sample products and reviews

Most of these are from Birchbox or glossy, I honestly have fallen behind with all these products and can’t remember where I got a lot of them but I have a big collection and thought it would be great to share my opinion on them.

Benefit box O’ powder

Shade – California

I don’t really buy any benefit products and this blusher is way to pink for me, I found it quite hard to blend in without it being to pink and I didn’t even apply that much. The packaging is cute and maybe if it was the correct shade I’d buy it but I’m not a big blush user, it’s the least of products I own I’m more of a bronzer fan.

Rate 6/10

What’s in it for me..? Shower scrub

I really like the packaging, it’s unique and simple but really effective. It’s more liquid than other shower scrubs I’ve used but it’s also really gentle as it’s walnut shells for a natural exfoliation. it smells so nice as it has almond, orange and jasmine flowers in it. I would be interested in trying some of there other products and I would buy this again.

Rate 7/10

Grow gorgeous hair scrub

I’d never heard of this brand but after a google it seemed okay as I’m cautious to try unknown things on my scalp, as I have really sensitive skin so my scalp is the same. It says on the tin to just use in scalp and follow with shampoo which I did, it was weird it didn’t smell that nice and it felt really thick in my scalp, after a while waiting (as instructed, only a few minutes) it started to smell like my scalp was burning, it was also quite hard to wash out as it was really gritty and I had to rinse it out for ages.

My hair felt really thick afterwards but even after rinsing it for over ten minutes there was still lots of residue left in the scalp so I had to go and re-wash with more shampoo. I wouldn’t buy this again as it’s not for me or my hair.

Rate 5/10

Glamglow cream to foam cleanser

When I first used this I wet my face first and then applied the cleanser and it went on like clay, like a face mask would. The second time I actually read the tube and realised I was supposed to apply to dry face and then add water, which made it foam up a little bit. I thought it smelt just like toothpaste which was off putting because that’s fine for my teeth but not for my skin. My skin was really clean and bright afterwards but I actually thought glamglow was animal cruelty free hence why I’ve used them in the past but they’re not so I wouldn’t buy again on that basis alone and feel disappointed I bought a mask from them. If the brand change there ethics I would buy it again.

Rate 7/10

Blaq peel off mask

I’ve wanted a black peel of mask since they came out and I put it on my wish list. It wasn’t this brand but after a google I found that they’re really good with lots of good reviews and are animal cruelty free. All the other products they sell look so nice. I’ve never tried other black masks but I’ve seen some that are really painful to get off and this wasn’t. I Left it on for 20 minutes, It completely dries and sticks down hard and can be difficult to find an edge but the pain was minimal and it says to pull upwards, I have Sensitive skin so naturally I got a bit of redness but my nose was so clean and shiny, all my Blackheads were pulled out and I was so happy, I get such satisfaction when I see all my blackheads go. I’m 100% buying the full size product and I’m really interested in some of the other products.

Rate 9/10

Marcelle city 24H anti pollution day & night moisturising emulsion

I love this, I’ve actually started using it twice a day and I really need to buy the full size. It’s weird because it feels just like a primer and obviously it can be used as a primer because it’s so absorbent and doesn’t feel thick but even though it absorbs fast it really hydrates your skin and you can feel it protecting your skin all day and through the night, I wake up and my skin is so soft and looks really natural and bright. It doesn’t smell of anything but I don’t mind that at all.

Rate 9.5/10

Tried any of these? Let me know what you think!

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