Sample size product reviews

Gommage festin Royal body scrub

I love this little tub of scrub, it looks like a jar of jam and the packaging is lovely, I like that it’s different to other body scrubs because the jar is re-useable. It smells gorgeous and looks like honey (contains honey, so all good) it’s a really good exfoliator and it’s not to rough. I would buy this again and I was happy to receive this item.

Rate 9/10

True soft shampoo

The description that came along with this shampoo duo made it sound amazing, and the full size price is £15-£30 it depends where you buy. The colour is nice (different) it’s a shimmery green mermaid colour and it smells nice enough, lathered through the hair well but I have very tangly hair and this didn’t really help even though most reviews say it does that wasn’t the case for me, it also didn’t keep my hair clean for that long and I wouldn’t pay the full price for it.

Rate 6.5/10

True soft conditioner

I think that this is a very basic conditioner, as the shampoo it wasn’t anything spectacular and didn’t make my hair shine and tangle free. Smells nice like the shampoo and the packaging is ok but I wouldn’t buy again. It didn’t upset my hair but I just don’t think it’s worth the money.

Rate 6/10

Beauty pro bubbling cleansing mask

I love sheet masks, they’re easier and less messy than normal masks that you have to wash off. Unfortunately I got a weird skin reaction to this particular mask, it started to burn and itch so I had to get it off and then my face was all red and blotchy so I wouldn’t buy it again and I’ve used other bubble masks that have been fine for my skin so obviously I would give this low marks, I couldn’t see anything in the ingredients that would upset my skin. But I wouldn’t recommend you not trying it unless you have sensitive skin.

Rate 5/10

Keratise shampoo

This shampoo wasn’t any good to me as I don’t colour my hair anymore. As a shampoo it was good, cleaned my hair, rinsed out well and smelt nice but I wouldn’t buy it again because I don’t colour my hair, I also wouldn’t buy a different shampoo from keratise because I don’t buy from this brand and I’m happy with what I use already. The packaging is ok – nothing special or outstanding which is probably why I don’t buy it as I like unique bottles that stand out and have all natural ingredients.

Rate 7/10

Who else signs up to beauty boxes? Which ones? Let me know! I use glossy and Birchbox!

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