First impressions of estate cosmetics

I received these products in a birchbox as a gift for referring someone (so cute of Birchbox) and not one but two, amaze.

I’d never heard of this brand so I had a quick google and I think they’re new but they are animal cruelty free and paraben free, they also sell highlighters and great bundle deals on the website too.

Price for each individual- $10

Shades – treat and extra

Treat is the darker shade

Extra is the gloss

I’m unsure if they actually ship to the uk and what the prices would be for shipping, if it’s high or isn’t available I can’t buy these again but if it’s available and not costly I definitely will.

The packaging is nice, simple but cute colours.

The wand is a nice shape and it feels good on your lips when you apply it, it also has a sweet scent in the liquid but I can’t make it out (it’s nice though!) I like both the shades but I actually think the lip icing more, only because of the shimmer and it can be applied on top of your other lipsticks. (Extra) it also wasn’t super glossy or sticky, and stayed on well. The liquid lipstick dries quick and nice but can sometimes leave a tacky layer on top depending on how much you apply. I would recommend both especially if you’re in the states because shipping will be cheaper!

Liquid lip

Rate 8/10

Lip icing

Rate 8.5/10

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