Mini review / benefit, cle, no4, rituals and Percy and reed

Benefit gold rush blusher

Considering I didn’t like the shade California, I actually really like this one. It’s the same style but the shade is much nicer, blends in nicely with my foundation and bronzer, it’s more subtle but gives enough rosy-ness to the cheeks. I use this nearly every day now and it’s part of my routine. The box is nice, smells sweet and I would recommend this blusher, I also would buy it again.

Rate 9/10

Cle cosmetics – Melting lip power

I don’t know what this is, and I’ve used it a few times and I’m still not really sure the reason behind it. I’m not a fan unfortunately, amazingly it is a powder and turns into a liquid sort on your lips but I think I’ll stick to the normal lipsticks, glosses and liquids as it just didn’t work for me. The colour isn’t great and it didn’t actually last that long on the lips either, wouldn’t buy it again.

Rate 5/10

No 4 Sugar spray

I’d never heard of this brand and that’s why I like to get beauty boxes because most of the times it’s brands you’re not aware of and they turn out being really good and you’ve found a new fave, it’s also great to try new products. I spray a few times into damp hair and then blow dry it, adds a lot of volume and bouncy-ness through your hair and smells very nice, I use this a lot, not all the time because I have other hair serums/sprays I like to use as well but this is on my regular uses and I would buy again.

Rate 9/10

Rituals happy foaming shower foam

This is amazing! I can see why it’s called happy Buddha because the smell alone makes me happy and then the foam that comes with it is great, you don’t need to use a lot as it gets very far, I like the packaging and I use this every time I’m in the shower and always come out smelling nice – it smells like oranges but it has hints of other things that I can’t name, it’s a sweet smell. Since using a few rituals products from beauty boxes I’m really starting to love the brand and would like to buy more from them.

Rate 9/10

Percy and reed finishing polish

I’ve loved Percy and reed for a long long time, probably the first hair serum I fell in love with along with other products from them, I love the packaging, the name, the bottles and the serum it’s self, I get really bad split ends after years of highlights and bleaching my hair blonde and this is my saviour. You can use it in damp hair or just run it through the ends of your hair and it actively prevents your hair from splitting, it’s thanks to this product my hair started to heal and grow longer than its usual shoulder length whether I got highlights, bleached or just didn’t dye at all. Would recommend

Rate 10/10

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