Birchbox beauy review November

This will be my last birchbox as I have cancelled it now. I liked birchbox and I think the samples are great but i prefer getting full size product and samples like you do in glossybox

Polar night revitalising cream

Never heard of this brand but love this cream, I’ve used it for a few nights now in the evening and it feels really nice, it’s not to thick but it is heavy but as a night cream is normally. My skin feels soft in the morning, doesn’t really have a scent but it doesn’t upset my skin so it’s really good for sensitive skin as well. Probably would buy this again.

Rate 8.5/10

Paw paw original balm

This is a multi use balm for hands, lips and elbows and I guess anywhere on your skin! I’ve mostly used it for my lips and hands and it’s my new favourite thing especially for my lips, with the weather changing my lips are drying out constantly but this adds lots of moisture and prevents any cracking it also lasts for ages I don’t use a lot of it. Same goes for hands.

Rate 9/10

Spacemask eye mask

Never heard of this and not completely sure what it is? I understand the concept after reading there site and trying it but I don’t really get what it’s use is, it gets very very hot and it does feel kind of nice but I couldn’t imagine myself falling asleep with it on my eyes and I didn’t feel relaxed afterwards I actually felt more awake and refreshed. Has a nice scent but didn’t see any improvements to my eyes so probably wouldn’t buy this again.

Rate 5/10

Mannakadar diamond dust

I didn’t like this, mostly the design as I don’t think you get enough product or pigmentation out of a rollie, I don’t think I’ve even seen or used one since I was a child. Actually not to keen on this brand anyway. I wouldn’t use it as a bronzer as it’s to shiny and I prefer a matte looking bronzer.

No rating as I’ve only tested it on my hands.

Paul and joe primer

I’m actually really happy to get this sample because I’d wanted to buy the full size product for a while as I thought the bottle and product was so pretty and it had good reviews. I still like the bottle but I don’t like the opening where you have to hit and squeeze the primer out, I’m not sure if the full size bottle is the same or it’s just a sample thing. I really liked this, my foundation went on so smoothly and it leaves a dewy finish and Has a kind of sparkle to it as well. I probably would buy this now when my current primer runs out.

Rate 9/10

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