My week with pictures

Monday 28/1/19
I haven’t been posting about this but I’ve been dieting and learning to eat healthy and to do regular exercise for many reasons, to lose weight mostly but also so I can be my best self. The exercise has really reduced my anxiety and losing weight (finally) is boosting my confidence up. So far I have lost 2st 13lbs.

I hate mornings but I’d actually got up at 6am, got myself ready, exercised and had breakfast… I felt super productive already. I then decided to watch the rest of S5 of grace and Frankie. Anyone else watched this show? I absolutely love it and I hope they do a season 6. I would recommend adding it to your watch list.

In the afternoon, me, my mum and some friends met up at this really cute café called ‘lets paint pottery’ you can go in, stuff bears, play games, knit, all craft hobbies and they sell pots that you can paint yourself, they have a massive selection which are in photos, last week I took my niece and she painted this giant unicorn, I painted a dog bowl and my mum painted a tea pot. We haven’t recieved them yet as they take a week to cook and cool etc but when I do I will show you how they turned out!

monday paintmon paint lets paint pottery soup monday

All the food they serve is home made and so delicious, I have the soup every time because it’s so good, today I had carrot and coriander.

I have two dogs but unfortunately we don’t often walk them together because they will not get in the car together! Unless we walk together around the neighbourhood, but we normally drive to the beach or parks etc. Today we took Rosie to the beach and it was freezing but I’m strange and I love how fresh the air feels. I also find walking clears my mind.

monday beaches monday beach monday beac

That is all for today.


Got up really early because we had to take my brother to A&E. He works away and had a work accident so we drove about an hour to go pick him up and back, luckily we were only there for about two hours and he had broken his ankle so he had to have a boot on. I kept myself entertained with eye spy.

Today is a quiet day, (not many photos) sorry.


So cold today! I hate driving in the ice it’s so dangerous and a lot of drivers don’t slow down! Today I made dark chocolate avocado truffles which I found on pinterest by @insidetherustickitchen which is her IG name too. They’re not perfect and next time I need to use a riper avocado! But they were fun to make. I can’t wait to try one later.

If you haven’t heard of Linda McCartney her vegetarian food is the best. She does veggie burgers, sausages, pies, meal kits and more. I think they’re much better than quorn which I do eat and like (especially the nuggets) but Linda makes hers taste so good.

The pizza is falafel vegan pizza by goodfellas

wednesday truffleswednes truffle wednes wed pop wed scent


Today I made banana bread as we had some bananas that needed using.

thurs banana

Then we took Poppy to this amazing pet store near us called ‘pet place’ and they’ve recently extended the shop into a dog park with agility courses and dog toys etc and there is a dog café where they serve all doggy cakes and savoury snacks which poppy loves.

thurs pet place thurs pet thursday pet place thurs poppy training


Tonight I went to my new favourite place again, lets paint pottery but tonight it was ‘adults night’ where you get to take your own alcohol and just have a laugh or a catch up. It was great and I painted a plate this time, Mums tea pot looks good and my dog bowl is almost ready.

fri teapot mums friday plates

Apart from that I was Ill all day so I am very tired right now! Me and mum have started some DIY. We have a welsh dresser that we are going to paint so that will be fun!

before and after friday



Lazy day today, I’ve been watching the Ted Bundy tapes on netflix and I finally watched mamma mia 2 which made me cry, a lot. I also watch Riverdale which I enjoy anyone else watch that? I can’t wait for the next season.
Any shows on Netflix worth watching? Let me know I’m running out of things.

sat 1sat sat bit


Went to see my neice today, we had coffee and cake. I had a matcha green cake which was very nice and different I also bought my dog lots and lots of treats.


Weekly reflection
I’ve had a good week, feeling very tired and need to find some energy for the week ahead!

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