Graze Review and snack opinions

I used to get the weekly box delivered but I cancelled it as I wasn’t really getting into the snacks or trying to be healthy at the time, I also don’t like a lot of nuts and dried fruits. This was a while back and I didn’t get into it.

I still had an account with them and recently they emailed me lots of offers so I thought why not as I’m trying to eat better but I still like treats or a snack now and then. The great thing about the site is you get to decide what goes on, to stay or go. The treats you get and when it gets delivered and how often. There are no strings just good snacks.

I love the protein bites, I think they’re the perfect fix to keep you going through the day if you don’t have time for breakfast and they’re yummy.

The flapjacks in general are probably my favourite item from Graze, I like all the flavours and I like the controlled portion, a lot of flapjacks you buy are full of unnecessary sugar and all sorts, stacking the calories really high into the category of a meal.

My second favourite snacks are the cinnamon pretzel sticks with cookie dip I think for 150 kcal they’re great and really yummy, you get a lot of sticks and a good amount of dip.

I think the prices are reasonable for what you’re getting, I buy naked bars and they are just if not more a little more expensive. You know exactly what you’re getting in both, the ingredients are good and I think that has to show in the price.
As soon as I get fully settled into the new house I plan to resume my subscription. The offers they send out are really good as well. The bag of mixed nuts in picture I got for free and my mum really enjoys them so win, win.

Overall rating

Quality – 5/5
Service – 5/5
Value – 5/5

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