Why I’ve cancelled my glossy box for good

I’ve been using glossy for just over a year and I cancelled once because I thought the boxes were getting a bit boring so I changed to birch-box. I came back because I thought glossy was better value for money as you get full size products. I still agree that it’s amazing value for money and I don’t understand why people complain about it because to buy the things separately would cost a lost more and you get to try things you may not buy but end up loving.

But this month I didn’t even receive a box, it seems they’ve gotten more popular and gotten more subscribers they have started to slip and let there customers down because they basically have overloaded themselves, which isn’t good, either get more staff in or order more stock because you should know how many regular customers you have and the possibility of more people joining each month.

My payment went out on the third of feb and by the 13th I hadn’t recieved it or any dispatch emails despite it saying dispatched online, also my mum who subscribes had already recieved hers and her payment went out later than mine! I contacted them on the 13th and my reason for waiting so long was because I’d seen a few others having the same issue and glossy assured them that they’re all being sent out, so I waited because I am patient, I enjoy glossy and I like to try new things. I also don’t like to complain or rush people about because I know how hard it must be to get thousands of boxes out but it seems they have no shortage of free boxes for people with thousands of followers, I also don’t complain about what I get in the box because I know its a random selection and I’m happy to try new things and for the price you pay and save what’s the big deal? I can’t stand seeing people kick off because they didn’t get the shade they wanted or didn’t want a certain item. The box doesn’t work like that they can’t cater to every single person.

The reply I get is that I haven’t even been ‘allocated’ a box yet but I will receive a dispatch email within a few days… My first thought is how can you take payments, mark it as dispatched online but not allocate a box for me? 3 days pass and I get an email saying my box has been cancelled and here is why I have a problem with that….

Firstly you’ve lied to me by telling me I will receive my box and then they don’t even email you to say sorry we’ve sold out but would you like to wait while we get more stock or get a replacement box instead? You know good customer service? I wouldn’t of minded and would of stayed subscribed but the fact that they can lie to there customers and offer no replacement isn’t good enough for me, and I think it’s funny that I can still fill my surveys out for items I haven’t recieved!

So now I am on the look out for a new beauty box so do let me know if you use any others!

Side note – I am not saying they are a bad company or not to use them I am simply reviewing them on there lack of customer service. If you actually receive a box they’re great.

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