My pamper evening


Sundays are chill for me, mostly. Sometimes I’ll do stuff but mostly not.

I do masks and other things in the week but on Sunday I do the whole lot as an end of the week treat and a prep for the week ahead, which I so need right now as I’m full of flu.

First I run my bubble bath using on this occasion the philosophy pure grace , shampoo, bath and shower gel.

pure grace

I got this for Christmas in a big set and I love it, it’s gentle, nice and just clean. I don’t add much in because I also use bath salts.


I started using these a few months back after I started running to soothe my legs but there are actually a lot of health benefits from bath salts and I love how relaxed and purified my body feels after I use them.

I’d already cleansed before my bath using the elemis cleanser which I still love and have already blogged about. It has to be my ultimate favourite cleanser, so I apply my face mask which today is the body shop Chinese and ginseng polishing mask from the body shop and I leave that on for a bout half an hour, I really like this mask because it exfoliates the skin at the same time   .


I also like to light a few scented candles while I bathe and play some quiet music. Tonight I have used the wild argon oil body scrub from the body shop and I use a mix of the philosophy and the unicorn shower gel which smells like heaven!

IMG_0028   IMG_9993

After my bath I like to moisturise all over with the philosophy body cream that I also got in the set (the bottles and tubs are huge! Great value for money) if I have a shower I use the body shop banana yogurt, and for my face I’ve used my philosophy renewed hope night cream as I’m using it a lot since I bought it along with the day cream – they really keep my skin hydrated – the day and night cream don’t have a scent but the body cream is the same as shower gel, light and fluffy.


Last of all cosmetic wise I paint my nails, sometimes in the week if I have time I will change the colour or touch them up but weekly I file and put some cuticle oil on because I have very brittle nails and I need them to grow without snapping! Tonight I used Ciate in shade ‘Hutch – My go to red’


In the middle of the week I tweeze my eyebrows and I use a pore removing strip on my nose or a blaq mask.

How do you pamper? Let me know if you’ve tried any of the products and what you think about them!

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