My week in pictures


Hey guys! I’ve had a super good week full of fun and new things which I like, welcoming spring and actually seeing some sunshine! I’m getting back into running next week so that should be fun, I’ve actually missed it.


Cleaning and cake day!
Quorn meatballs for dinner and the cake was red velvet.

IMG_0161IMG_0166 IMG_0162]


Today I Went to my aunties to see and help with all the doggies and took poppy to the gardens by our house, weather was really good.

IMG_0213 IMG_0215


Cinema to watch wreck it ralph 2 (nieces choice, but it was actually good) meal afterwards which was veggie curry.


Did more work on the welsh dresser, since my last post with pictures it’s been primed and now were painting it. I love the colour and here’s a picture of the vegan roll from greggs which I love and recommend everyone buying it, if you go to greggs so they keep it on the list and maybe even make more vegan choices! It’s super tasty.

IMG_0244 IMG_0239


Happy St David’s day! In wales to celebrate every castle had free entry so of course we went to one that we hadn’t been to. Afterwards we found this amazing wood fired pizza place which had vegan cheese and veggie options and lots of unique pizza toppings.


Somewhere new again, The dutch pancake house in Conwy and my goodness they were the best pancakes I’ve ever had and I am going again very soon! They also do any dietary requirements and the gluten free pancakes were so fluffy. They also have a nature park outside.


DIY at dads house, redecorating his walls and I made some slim muffins and brownies but I won’t go into detail as I want to do a separate review on them as a brand! But they were so good. Meal prep and weekly plans.

Hope you all had a good week and happy spring!!

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