New family member!

Hey guys!

Last Tuesday I picked up this little guy who I have named Ollie. He is a chihuahua and he is tiny! I’m not sure how big he’ll grow but it’s such a shock because poppy is huge next to him…

I’m super excited and poppy adores him so I’m really happy as she suffers with separation anaxiety. Sometimes he is a bit much for her but I think after some time and love she will be fine as she’s obsessed with him at the moment!

I’ve been sooo busy getting him settled in and taking him to the vets I’m sure it’ll be fun to do all the training again!

My mental health has slipped slightly due to stress and pressure but I’m slowly turning it around which is the important bit, I’ve got a lot better with challenging my thoughts and not feeding my depression by doing nothing I’m challenging my brain instead. CBT had an effect after all.

Hope everyone is fabulous and enjoying there week!

P.s. here’s some pics of Ollie settling in to his new home!!

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