First impressions of Decleour

Hey guys,

I bought this set from QVC. It was the deal of the day. I’ve been so excited to use it and review it as I’ve always heard good things about decleour.

My skin type is oily combination and I suffer with occasional redness and sensitivity.

The products in this set include mostly ingredients from plants mostly being rose and rose oil it’s also recommend for sensitive skin.

Aroma cleanse soothing micellar water

First impression

I wasn’t expecting a whole lot because I’ve used other micellar waters that don’t actually make a huge difference to my skin or remove all of my makeup but I’ve heard a lot about decleour and the price tag has to mean something. I like the bottle it’s more unique than most.

My opinion

it’s actually really refreshing and great to use first thing in the morning and it has a nice subtle scent. I was really happy to see how much dirt it did bring out of my skin even without wearing makeup for days and cleansing the night before. It’s also great if you suffer from redness like myself, it cools down any redness within minutes.

If you like to use miceller waters I would recommend this one

Rate 4/5

Harmonie calm soothing comfort cream and mask 2 in 1 rose

First impression

I’m actually really excited to use this as all the ingredients look good and it smells so nice. The packaging is really nice as it has everything you need to know about the product visible. I just love creams and trying them all.

My opinion

I think I’ve found a new favourite cream to add to my top lists. I’ve used it everyday all week and my skin has improved so much, my skin is softer and it may be a mix between the whole range but My redness has decreased hugely and I haven’t had any spots – apart from after the first day some spots on my cheek came out but that’s to be expected from a new skin regime as it can bring out dirt from the skin so I was actually happy they popped out because I’ve had no new spots since. I use this in the morning and only a thin layer which absorbs nicely but you can also use it at night as the mask by applying a thick layer and letting it absorb slowly but I only use it as the morning moisturise.

Rate 4/5

Soothing comfort Oil-serum

First impression

The bottle is super cute and it smells amazing, if you hold it to your face for a second before the massage you could be at a spa. I’m expecting it to be like other oils though but with better ingredients.

My opinion

It warms up on the skin like most oils do but it did absorb into my skin nicely and didn’t leave an oily residue so I liked that. Sometimes after using oil my skin gets really red from the heat of the oil and the massage combined and my face did get warm but it didn’t go red so I liked that as well. I do think having an oil in your skincare routine is important as it helps replenish important oils in your skin already (even if you have oily skin already) I have oily skin but using an oil serum does not make it worse as long as you find the right one for you.

Rate 3.5/5

Soothing comfort Night face balm

First impression

Firstly I should of read it more clearly as it is called a balm but I just assumed it was a cream so I was shocked when i opened it and it was a balm. It looked like the elemis cleansing balm but smelt really good I’ve never used a night balm so I can’t actually compare it to any balms but I will compare it to a cream which is what I’m used to.

My opinion

At first I didn’t like the feel of it on my skin because it was really oily and it felt like I just needed to wash it off, I was also worried stuff might get stuck to my face like dog hair for example and I didn’t think I’d use it again but the next day my skin looked so nice and felt so smooth and it has completely absorbed in through the night so I actually used it for the week and my skin feels so good. You don’t need much as it’s so oily and goes a long way, I would recommend this night balm but at the same time I don’t know if I’d rush to restock it but I would buy again eventually as it is expensive.

Rate 3/5

Hydrating wide open Eye gel

First impressions

I always forget to use eye cream and because I don’t use them often enough I never notice a huge difference but I need to use it more to prevent those eye wrinkles! The last eye cream I used from the body shop / drops of youth range made my eyes puff up and water for days even after being washed off so I was put off them but this one looks nice, says it has no scent and is all of natural ingredients.

My opinion

it has no scent which is good because the last thing you need is a strong smell wafting into your eye balls. It’s very smooth and gentle and felt nice going on because it’s cool on skin, as long as I remember to use it I should be eye wrinkle free!

Rate 3/5

Thanks for reading guys, have you tried decleour before? 🙂

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