My hair care routine

Pictured above is my hair after wash, blow dried, straight and curly.

Hey guys, my hair is so long now and it’s new to me as I’ve always had it short or it’s never grown because I used to get it highlighted and bleached a lot so I thought I’d show how I look after it and what products I use. I do however need to buy a new heat spray and hairspray so if you know any good ones let me know!

I studied and got 2 qualifications in hairdressing through college so that’s mostly where I picked up some tricks, everyone’s hair is different but this is what works well for me.


I used the Fuji green tea shampoo from the body shop and I use it twice, the first wash is to clean the hair, remove any residues or dirt and the second wash is to really cleanse the scalp and get it all lathered up. I do not wash my hair everyday as I find it gets greasy really easy and it is to hard to maintain. I personally wash my hair every two – three days that way it’s lasting longer and as long as I look after it within those days it stays perfectly clean. I still shower and bath even though I do not wash my hair everyday. I really like this shampoo because it prevents your hair from getting greasy, it is great if you have fine hair as this detangles it all and makes it really smooth, it smells gorgeous and it is animal cruelty free with no silicones.

I use the body shop Fuji green tea hair scrub once a week but I don’t do two washes with it as it is a scrub and it throughly deep cleanses the scalp after one use, detangles hair, keeps away grease and leaves an amazing shine afterwards.


I used the Fuji green tea conditioner from the body shop, as you can tell this is my favourite hair range. I squeeze all of the water out of my hair and pat my hair dry first, I then apply the conditioner through the ends of my hair And leave it in for 5 minutes. I only apply it to the ends, as the root hair is new hair and I don’t want to make it greasy or add to much product in, the ends of my hair need it most because it is old hair and prevents it from splitting, sometimes after applying it to the ends of my hair I might massage it through the scalp but that isn’t a regular thing. I find leaving it in for 5 or 10 minutes is really going to soften my hair and make it so much easier to brush so you’re not damaging your hair that way either it also makes it very shiny if blow dried afterwards.

Brushing and drying

Before brushing I towel dry my hair and apply some hair serum by milkshake that I got in the salon I go to but they also sell it online which is where I’ll buy it again, the milkshake serum has regenerative effects, improves the structure of your hair and gives an amazing shine. It has 12 benefits with things like volume, heat spray, sun protection and it prevents split ends, I use this before brushing because this also helps soothe and detangle my hair so it makes brushing so much faster and easier. This is my favourite hair serum and would 100% recommend.

I always start at the ends of my hair and I find it way less harsh than starting at the root or even mid root, because the Fuji detangles a lot of my hair I use a bamboo comb and start brushing it through, starting from the bottom and working my way up. If I were to start at the top of my hair all I’m doing is dragging and pulling all the hair down causing knots and myself unnecessary pain, I’m also going to give myself more split ends than I need.

I love to blow dry my hair as I love salon feeling hair – who doesn’t?! There are some occasions where I might leave it to just dry naturally though but I prefer the feel after a blow dry. I love blow drying because it’s also a part of the styling, you can give yourself soft curls, straight, volume – the list goes on. If I were to go out somewhere I would section my hair up and get my round brush and blow dry it that way so it would give me a soft curl and volume but if it’s not an occasion I will only section my hair into two parts, brush it through with a flat head which will give me straight hair for this I use my ghd hairdryer and this is my favourite hairdryer for many reasons, it has lasted so long I received this as a Christmas gift many years ago and it’s still going strong and it’s had A LOT of use so yes ghd is expensive but I also find it worth the price.

Styling and product

I would normally use a heat spray but I’ve ran out but luckily my serum works as a safety anyway, most of the time I will straighten it as a lot of days it’s tied up in a pony but I have done straight and half curly to show you how I would do it. I use the ghd platinum + ultimate styler in white which I love, I like the little sounds it makes when it turns on and off, I think it’s great that it has a safety turn off after 30 mins if it’s idle and it also comes with a heat guard. I use this to do the curls as well. Overall I would definitely recommend buying a pair of ghd straighteners they are 100% worth the price, they look after the hair and does not damage it.

I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday and have an amazing week!

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